DIGITAL supply chains

This third edition of Tangier Logistics Days is definitely oriented around the issues and impacts of the digitalization of the supply chain, a topic which today mobilizes the attention of all actors, shippers, service providers and institutions. The objective is to demonstrate that the company of tomorrow will be not only be physical but also digital.

Thursday, October 5th will be articulated around three major thematic sessions:

09h00 - 10h00 : Official Opening

10h00 - 10h30 : Cérémonie d'ouverture

10h30 - 13h00 : Morning Session

Keynote 1 : Challenges and impacts of digitalization in supply chain

Keynote 2 : The ultimate digitalization in distribution: Physical Internet

Panel 1 : Port logistics to stand the test of digitalization

13h00 - 14h15 : Lunch Break

10h00 - 10h30 : Afternoon Session

Keynote 3 : : Innovative solutions: supply chain 4.0, blockchain, artificial intelligence, connected objects, big data…

Panel 2 : Impact of digitalization on the branches of the logistics professions

Panel 3 : Digitalization in Morocco : developments and prospects

17h00 – 17h30 : Closing cocktail